About StudentReconTool

The Student Reconciliation Tool is a web-based application that provides a set of tools designed to help LEAs (Local Education Agencies) reconcile data between their local SIS and their state's Ed-Fi data store. It was designed by individuals with extensive understanding of the Ed-Fi REST API as implemented by the Arizona Department of Education.

Among other features, it presents student, school, staff, and parent information in a way that helps the LEA compare the information that exists at the state level with the information stored in the LEA’s local SIS. It uses the same REST API as your local SIS to retrieve information from the state on your behalf. And because it is completely independent of your local SIS, no customization of your SIS is required.

The current version offers the following features:

Features being considered for future versions include:

Here is a link to the current documentation: StudentReconTool Documentation

The pricing model for the tool is an annual, nominal fee that – depending upon the student enrollment – will average around $1,000/year per LEA.

For more information, please email us at: gregmartin9057@gmail.com